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Nutritious Vegan Diet

The vegan diet consists of plants only. There are fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. All foods that come from plants qualify. Vegans do not eat animals or animal products such as eggs and dairy products. As a vegan, there is a need to maintain a healthy diet so as to ensure that your body gets everything that it needs. When you eat a varied diet, then you are bound to get all the things that are needed.

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Eating Smart for a Healthier Brain

Eating Smart for a Healthier Brain When you don’t feed your brain with the nutrients it needs, it can’t function well. Eating a brain-boosting diet can support both short- and long-term brain function.  In today's day and age, everyone could use a little help staying sharp and being more productive. That's why we've compiled the best foods. The brain is an energy-intensive organ, using around 20 percent of the body's calories, so it needs plenty of good fuel to maintain concentration throughout the day. Adding these super seeds in your daily diet can help sharpen your memory and boost the functioning of the nervous system: Pumpkin seeds- Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, a mineral that plays an important...

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