Pegasus Trail Mix - Karma Foods
Pegasus Trail Mix - Karma Foods

Pegasus Trail Mix

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Packed with nutrients and flavors, Pegasus Trail Mix is a combination of Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Flax seeds.

Best quality seeds are hand sorted and dry roasted with rock salt to get the perfect crisp and taste and mixed together with nuts and berries.

Benefits of Pegasus Trail Mix

  • Trail mixes are a better choice for long drives, road trips, office snacks,  as a healthy munching option.
  • Trail mix can help with heart disease and lower cholesterol levels.

How to eat it? ( How to use it? )

Enjoy these seeds by topping them on your favorite yogurt, salad, smoothies or just snack them on the go!

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Karma Foods is also available at your nearest supermarkets (In select Cities).

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